Fix My Bike is a matchmaking platform that connects cyclists with certified bicycle mechanics.

We all have better things to do than waste time on administrative tasks. Let's make things easy and fast.

Your Benefits

Streamlined Booking Process

Our Booking System makes scheduling a breeze. Select your bicycle and the services required. We list the available slots, sorted by date/distance. Click. Done.

Effortless Service Finding

Our Matchmaking System empowers you to make informed decisions. Easily find the most suitable certified professional for the services you need, near you.

Centralized Bicycle Information

Your Bike Profile centralizes everything about your bicycle. Like useful information about each component, history of maintenance and modifications, and more.

Autonomous Appointment Management

Our Booking System automates scheduling so you can focus on your art. It collects all the information you need to do the job and optimize your daily operations.

Increased Visibility and Reach

Our Matchmaking System elevates your business. You gain targeted exposure to the most promising customers, aligning with your preferences and specialties.

Customer Engagement and Trust

Your Mechanic Profile allows you to engage with potential customers. Promote your services, showcase your expertise, share your passion, and gain trust.

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